Entry #4

new project

2011-06-28 08:33:13 by sanguprod

Working on a project which will use "12 fighters 3" 's design and "supersonci fighters" 's gameplay. The project could be called "12 fighters 4" , "12 Supersonic Fighters" or "Supersonic Fighters 2"


The arena was the place where high-tech robots used to fight each other at supersonic speed. The prototypes get smarter and smarter, and were designed to looks like XX'th century games characters.One day, one of them decided to rebel and free them all. As they became Mavericks, they live hidden. But, they must do what they are designed for : "Fight". When the streets are empty, at night, under the rain, they meet each other and fight ! But how long will they stay hidden ? Rumor says that they are planning to destroy the whole human race ...

New Game Feature :

Characters parts cuztomisation and management.
Team management


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