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whats that french , lol

Hello, i am french, and i can tell you that you aren t french. lol
But that is funnier, when you are french to watch this.
that was very funny, but i don t know if english speeking people will apreciate this as i do....
Also, you need a loader, and the sound is realy bad. i guess you aren't making flash movie since a long time ago... i think you have a lot of potential, go on!
but i think this one will be blamed, but i really like it so i defend you as much as i can.

Alpha Tournament 3 Alpha Tournament 3

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Great job !!!!

Hello i really enjoy your work!!!
It makes me want to make a"marvel vs capcom" flash game with sprites.
How did you made them?
Is there a site where i can download them?

Trixiaoyu responds:



Na I'm kidding... didn't d-load ANY of the sprites you see... I made 'em all myself from the Games I have. lol

Get the emulator... WINKAWAK and Get the games from

There you go... ^^

Oh you Could also try going to to search for extra games... thanks for the Vote Mate!!

Bye... for Now... Muahahahahahahaaa!!